Passion Projects is

In a nutshell, this programme endeavours to enable individuals/teams to complete their passion project, thereby enriching the communities we call home.

Why are we doing this?

From our research, we have found that what prevents many people from embarking on a passion project of their own is that they lack the support system around them to be able to keep going after the initial burst of enthusiasm wanes.

We see ThinkPod consulting as the top-down approach to social change and Passion Projects as the bottom-up approach.

What are we looking for?

Motivated individuals who would like to pursue a socially-enabling passion project who would like to do so in an open and collaborative environment where you can find support at every step of the way.

What we will provide

  1. Providing a base to launch project from

  2. A support system within Synergy for you to be able to realise your project and make a difference in your community.
    Access to Synergy’s brightest minds in Marketing, Development, Legal and HR to iron through and issues or thoughts you may have with your project.

  3. Keep you honest with your progress

  4. Weekly collaboration sessions where you can float your ideas/issues/inklings to other motivated individuals pursuing their own passion project.

  5. Linking you up with like-minds to bounce your ideas around

  6. This will primarily be achieved through the regular collaboration sessions and the community we of pro-active souls we aspire to create.


We are currently taking expressions of interest here.